Soft Stylus & USB 4GB & Pen Combo

QW TBS-304

Soft Stylus & USB 4GB & Pen Combo (Qware)


Stylus works with capacitive screen tablets. Pen tip intended for paper only. USB works with PC, laptop

All-in-one ballpoint pen with black ink, soft tip stylus for capacitive screens and built in 4GB USB memory stick.

Convenient solution for school, office or at home. Write on paper, store files from your computer and take them with you or use the stylus for keeping your tablet screen clean of finger smudges during use.

The ballpoint pen is intended for use on regular paper.

The rubber tip stylus is intended for use on capacitive touch screen devices, such as Qware tablets and iPad, iPhone or iPod.

Pull the top from the bottom half to reveal a USB plug, plug it into a PC or laptop and transfer your data to and from the internal 16GB flash storage memory.

Ideal for everyday use.

Available in black, white, yellow, blue, red or pink.

Input/Output USB
Memory 4GB
Specifics soft tip
IC: n.a. | MC: n.a. | FP: n.a.