Tablet PC Pro (10 inch)

QW TB-1040

Tablet PC Pro, 10 inch, 512MB RAM, Android 4.0 (Black, Metallic)


Supports MiniHMDI, 3.5mm audio, WiFi. MicroSD up to 16GB recommended

Efficient and flexible tablet you can use for almost anything online.

A massive library of readily available apps for both young and old makes this tablet ideal for the whole family.

You can find games, education and entertainment in books, videos and music online through various apps and websites.

Use the tablet as a resource, like a calculator, agenda, e-mail, e-reader, cooking recipes, navigation directions, encyclopedia. The web is in your hands now.

The tablet pc comes with a 10 inch screen, the revamped tablet OS Android 4.0 with improved usability, 3.5mm jack for regular earphones and a microSD slot for memory expansion

Color black
EAN: n.a.
IC: 10 | MC: 10 | FP: 230