Accessories Pack for PSVita

QW SPV-2101

Accessories Set x5 Bundle Pack (Black) for PSVita


Works with PlayStation Vita

5 fun and handy accessories for the PlayStation Vita handheld.

Including USB car power adapter, USB power cord for PSVita, capacitive stylus, earphones and a carry case made from durable material.

Ideal for enhancing your experience using the incredible PlayStation Vita handheld gameconsole.

Charge your PS Vita in the car during travels.

Listen to music, movies or games privately using the stereo earphones.

Protect the front and back with the adhesive protection sheets.

Color black
Works with PSVita
  • bag
  • earphones
  • keychain
  • USB-car power adapter
  • USB-PSVita connection cable
  • wristband
EAN: 8716502025701
IC: 16 | MC: 8 | FP: 384