Remote (with MotionPlus) & Joystick Controller


Remote (with MotionPlus) & Joystick Controller


Works with Nintendo Wii or Wii U | Supports MotionPlus games

Controller set, in the colors black and red much like the colors of the Wii Mini, of both Wii Remote Controller and additional wireless controller for enhanced gameplay controls.

Many games require the use of both controllers as a set, one in each hand.

Also available in several colors. This red & black combo was designed to look like the Wii Mini.

Many Wii or Wii U games need a combination of both the Wii Remote Controller and the Joystick Controller for each player.

Pair the Wii Remote Controller with the Wii or Wii U using the red pairing button.

The Wii Remote Controller and Joystick Controller are connected with a wire in between.

Only the Remote Controller needs 2 AA batteries.

Color black
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