Stylus Set x3 for Wii U


Stylus Set x3 (Black, White) for Wii U


Works with Nintendo Wii U Gamepad, other resistive touchscreens (3DS,3DS XL,some tablets/phones/navigation/PDA's)

Set of 3 replacement stylus pens that fit perfectly into the Wii U Gamepad pen slot.

In black and white and with durable long life coating.

Ideal for any stylus based interaction with a restistive touch screen.

Also suitable for other resistive touch screens, for instance on the Nintendo 3DS (XL).


Color black
Works with Wii U Gamepad
Body finish
  • glossy
  • hardened
  • plastic
Contents stylus
EAN: 8716502027149
IC: 160 | MC: 40 | FP: 6400