Deluxe Sports Accessories (x4) for Wii

QW WII-1509

Deluxe Sports Accessories (x4) for Wii


Works with Nintendo Wii or Wii U in combination with Wii Remote controller

6 fun and handy accessories in the color white for the Wii Remote Controller.

Includies a tennis racket, baseball bat, golf club, steering wheel and a custom grip.

Transforms the Wii Remote controller into sportsgear that get's you into the mood for Wii Sports games.

Sports accessories are made from soft foam for enthousiastic children.

Available in in completely white or with a red or blue steering wheel.

Works with Wii remote controller
Body finish
  • grip
  • matte
  • rubberized
  • baseball attachment
  • golf attachment
Genre sports
EAN: (White) 8716502020478 | (Red) 8716502020454 | (Blue) 8716502018116
IC: 10 | MC: 5 | FP: 160