MP4 Media Player 4GB

QW MP-384

MP4 Media Player 4GB


Works with 3.5mm jack earphones, headphones or speakers. Supports MP3,WMA

Media player including earphones for listening to music.

4GB of storage is enough for thousands of songs, which you can upgrade even further with a microSD card.

Easy music selection with the LCD screen.

Very light and small form factor.

Available in 6 stylish colors: black, white, pink, blue, yellow or red.

Supports MP3 and WMA music files and AMV video files.

Works with
  • earphones
  • headphones
  • speakers
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • MiniUSB
  • MiniSD
Memory 4GB
File support
  • AMV
  • MP3
  • WMA
EAN: (Black) 8718657550084 | (Blue) 8718657550114 | (Pink) 8718657550107 | (Red) 8718657550121 | (White) 8718657550145 | (Yellow) 8718657550091
IC: n.a. | MC: n.a. | FP: n.a.