Zipper Earphones


Zipper Earphones


Works with audio devices with output through 3,5mm jack cable

Stereo earphones with zipper wire and 3.5mm jack(male) for audio devices.

The special cord has a zipper which makes it easy to adjust the split to any length you find comfortable.

By zipping the cord up before storing it, you avoid complicated knots.

Ideal for when you want to listen to music or enjoy a movie or a game privately.

The rubber earbuds are flexible and adjust to the shape of your ear, minimalizing sound loss and noise from outside.

Works with audio devices
Body finish
  • metallic
  • plastic
  • smooth
Input/Output 3.5mm audio jack
Contents earphones
Channels stereo
IC: n.a. | MC: n.a. | FP: n.a.