Keyboard Cover Pro (8 inch)


Keyboard Cover Pro 8inch MicroUSB (Black) for Qware Tablet Pro3 (HD 8inch)


Works with Qware tablets TB-1280/-1380. QWERTY keys layout

QWERTY Keyboard and protective cover combination.

Available in the color black.

With MicroUSB plug.

Ideal for use with the 8 inch Qware Tablet Pro3 HD or Pro4 HD.

Color black
Works with
  • Qware 8inch Tablet PC Pro 3HD
  • Qware 8inch Tablet PC Pro 4HD
Body finish
  • matte
  • texture
Input/Output MicroUSB
Contents keyboard cover
Specifics QWERTY keys
EAN: 8716502026722
IC: 20 | MC: 20 | FP: 720