Car Adapter USB-iOS (White) for iPad, iPhone, iPod

QW IDC-001

Car Adapter USB-iOS (White) for iPad, iPhone, iPod


Works with charge cable for iPad, iPhone,iPod and USB charge cables for many other devices

Charges devices with 5V rechargeable batteries using a USB cable, including the iPad, iPhone and iPod.

Compact adapter converting 12V to 5V via a sigarette lighter plug suitable for use in most cars with a 12V socket.

The USB type A socket can be used to attach a charging cable with at least 1 USB Type A plug, in order to charge a device compatible with USB charging up to 2.1A.

The USB Car Adapter is available in the color white.

Color white
EAN: 8716502026777
IC: 40 | MC: 20 | FP: 1600